Analog Services Overview

We began at a time when film was all there was. A combination of fortune and fine attention has kept our processors running and our analog infrastructure hums alongside an ever-expanding digital department. Color Services remains one of few prolabs still offering a full range of analog processing and printing services in both color and black and white. 

In addition to developing C-41 and black and white film, we are one of few places still able to process E-6. Even more unusual is our capacity to produce analog color murals up to 72" in width. Both E-6 and C-prints of this scale are increasingly obscure but for now are within the scope of our services and will remain so as long as the machines hold up and the chemistry is available. 

Our analog services have brought photographers to us from across the country and occasionally overseas. Do not be deterred by distance. Our Fedex and UPS drivers are loyal and frequent visitors. We will gladly package and ship your work with great care to wherever you are in the world.