Why Analog in 2016?

True to our heritage, we still offer a full range of processing and printing services, both in color and in black and white. In recent years some of these services have become increasingly difficult to provide due to the limited availability of the requisite materials. Long gone are the days when we could phone in an order directly to Eastman Kodak in Rochester and have those materials needed in hand in a day or two. 

Why analog in 2016?  Why not give it up and roll entirely digital? 


Analog is a different way of working and of seeing. One path isn't necessarily better than the other. Silver halide technology is a fully mature one that has been refined continuously for the past 175 years.  It is also messy, labor intensive, and not particularly environmentally friendly.  The majority of the real work must be done up front. You either get it right or you don't. There is no play or delete button, no pixel chimping. You can enter the world of Photoshop downstream if you choose, but you can also simply insert your negative in an enlarger or contact frame and print it directly.  No sharing it easily or quickly on Instagram for that rush. But it can be beautiful.  In a world where digital can impart a creeping degree of homogeneity this for some is an antidote. 

A significant number of our clients continue to use film, usually medium and large format, as their capture medium and then cross to digital for the rest of their workflow. Many are artists we have been working with for years and our depth of experience making analog finished prints has translated directly to making them digitally.

Also: we are built for it. When the prolab world transitioned to digital we did too but we also held on to our existing analog infrastructure. To our knowledge we are the only lab still capable of producing 72" x 120" analog color murals. Our staff experience with all of these processes is as exceptional as it is uncommon.

To be clear, it is the sunset for most of these processes. E6 is on borrowed time. C41 has a ways to go still. Type C printing materials will likely be around for awhile albeit at ever decreasing quality levels. Black and white, like the cockroach, will be around til the very end.