High Fiber: Why We Put Black-and-White Gelatin Silver Printing Back on the Menu

After a hiatus of too many years we are once again offering analog gelatin silver prints.

We have a new dedicated production facility—one that was originally built by our longtime friend Willard Traub some 30 odd years ago. Wil passed away back in September of 2015 and when faced with the reality of imminent demolition we couldn't let such a wonderful darkroom and studio be scattered to the winds. We've seen a lot of darkrooms come apart in the past ten or fifteen years, enough to know that when they come apart they rarely ever go back together again. 

There is nothing quite like a good gelatin silver print from a well exposed and processed negative. On some level I think that we all know this. When rummaging through boxes of old prints we find them, these gems from an earlier time.  Even in so-so condition they still shine, unlike their RC cousins or chromogenic prints that do not wear their age and patina well. 

To start we will offer B&W fiber prints from 8x10 to 20x24. Our default/preferred paper will be Bergger VCCB although others will be available—Bergger VCNB, Ilford MGFB and MGFB Warmtone among them. General info and pricing will be up on our website soon. Developers will vary but the old Ansco 130 formula will lead the way.

Our new dedicated space for gelatin silver printing.

Our new dedicated space for gelatin silver printing.


Interested in Ordering a B&W Fiber-Based Print?

Visit our lab in-person or fill out the Analog Printing Order Form and follow mailing instructions provided. Pricing for B&W fiber prints are below.

Paper SizeFiber-Based Print Additional Print