200 Words on the P20000: Our Take on Epson's Newest Large Format Printer (So Far)

When the 64" Epson 20000 was announced in late 2015 we knew that we wanted one—based both on its specs and on our experience working with prints made with one of its related pre-beta printers. After several delays they finally started shipping late last summer. Ours arrived in August of last year and has been in continuous service since. We plan on supplementing it with a 10000—the same printer with a 44" capacity. 

These printers are fast (Epson claims they are up to 2.8x faster and that seems about right) and deliver noticeably sharper results. Now configured as a 10-channel printer (9 in use at any given time) the extra gray channel makes a difference.

The new nozzle cleaning design has thus far worked exceptionally well. This was often a trouble spot with our previous pair of Epson 11880s. Time will tell....

The paper loading and take-up designs are both big improvements, making Paula's life easier, especially when she is handling 60" rolls.

The device itself is much larger than the 11880 that it replaced and is clearly built to commercial rather than prosumer standards.

Given the market life of the 11880 and the lower sales volume that these larger printers are likely to see we expect that the 20000 will be the market standard for at least the next few years. 

Here's ours on our loading dock, with Leslie for a scale reference:


Curiosity piqued? Order a print on the new 20000 online now. You may also want to check out our digital printing checklist--a guide for those unfamiliar with our printing workflow.