Exhibition Production + Logistics

We are uniquely well-positioned to produce fine art and professional exhibitions at any scale within our walls. Our streamlined workflows ensure minimal handling and risk of damage to your images, as well as increased efficiency throughout the process. Having produced a vast number of fine art and professional shows over the years, we possess the artistic vision and knowledge necessary to guide you in every creative decision, from imaging to framing to installation. 

Our services extend beyond production as well: We frequently advise on and facilitate appropriate packaging and crating of completed works to ensure full protection in transit. Similarly, we can assist with transportation and installation logistics in conjunction with or in lieu of other partners. We offer local deliveries and contract with experienced art handlers in Boston and New York City. Please contact us directly for more information and a price quote. 

Note: A 15% discount is applied to any multi-service project, regardless of scale, that is produced from start to finish at our lab.