Thank You for Your Film Order

Your film processing order has been successfully submitted. Now you just need to pack it up with your film and send it our way!

Wondering when you'll get your film back?

C-41 film is processed and shipped out same-day from when we receive it. For B+W film, we commit to processing and shipping back to you in 1 full business day. 

Wondering how you'll pay?

We are working on setting up online payments, but for now, you'll need to submit payment by snail mail or phone.  

If you need your film ASAP, we recommend hand-writing your credit card information (including expiration date, CVV code, and  billing zip code) somewhere on the printed form. We will not run your credit card until your film is ready to ship, and we will mail the receipt back to you. You can even keep your card information on file for future purchases--just make a note instructing us to do so.

If you know what your total cost will be (including shipping and MA sales tax if applicable), you can also include a check. 

Otherwise, we'll call you when your film is ready to ship to collect your payment by phone. (Please note that this may delay turnaround if we are not able to reach you on the first try.)

Have questions or concerns about your order?

Not to worry. You can reach us anytime at, or during regular business hours at 781.444.5101.