E-6 Processing

Color reversal processing using a Refrema dual transport dip and dunk processor and a full 13 site glass Refrema chemical mixer—one of only a handful ever made. These Danish processors were state of the art when we opened in 1988 and remain so today, assuring the most consistent results possible for film sizes from 35mm to 11x14. Push and pull processing adjustments can be made in increments as small as 1/4 stop. 

We use Fuji chemistry and process control materials. When Kodak introduced E6 in 1976 it is unlikely that they could have foreseen it as their final iteration of reversal film processes. They abandoned it in 2015.

C-41 Processing

Color negative processing using a Refrema dip and dunk processor.  Introduced by Kodak in 1972, this remains the prevalent color process to date. We process film from 35mm to 11x14. Process adjustments are possible but are not recommended, as they result in curve crossing downstream in your image workflow. Digital post can help.

B&W Processing

Deep tank hand line processing for roll film and Jobo rotary processing for all sheet film, both in a Kodak Xtol developer. We process film in sizes from 35mm to 16x20, including most panoramic and ULF formats. Push and pull processing is possible in 1/4 stop increments.