40-50% off Museum-Quality Frames

About the Frames:

Over the years we have accumulated a collection of beautiful but empty gallery frames. Some were mis-sized for a specific project; others are leftovers from volume orders for past exhibitions.  All are first-rate museum-quality frames, and we have them in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes.

Purchasing Options:

  • You may buy any sale frame empty/as-is for the price listed...
  • OR you can have us produce a new archival print from a digital file, negative, or original work to fit the frame of your choosing and net additional savings.
  • All charges for printing, matting, and/or mounting to fit a sale frame qualify for our 15% full-project discount. Fitting charges are also waived.
  • Quantities are limited; what you see listed is the extent of what we have. First come, first served.


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