Photo Mounting Services


Whether you intend to frame your image behind glass or display it in a more modern way, mounting to a sturdy archival backing is critical for long-term preservation. Our cold-press technique uses a PH-neutral adhesive and involves no heat, ensuring the print's longevity.

We mount on materials of varying stability depending upon the degree of support needed and the final look you desire. Backing options include paper-based Gator and museum board, Sintra, plexiglass, Dibond and aluminum in various thicknesses.

Face Mounting

Images larger than 8x10 may be face mounted as an alternative to traditional framing. The image must first be mounted to a firm backing (plexi, aluminum or Dibond). We use an acid-free, optically clear adhesive and offer regular and non-reflective acrylic options. All face mounted prints are UV protected.


Lamination offers yet another alternative to framing behind glass. Laminated prints will have a matte finish and can later be framed.