Student Film Processing Policy

We understand the importance of the work with which we’ve been entrusted; we endeavor to handle and store it with every precaution while in our care. The submission of any and all film, slides, prints, negatives, transparencies, digital files, and original artwork constitutes an agreement by you that any loss or damage caused by Color Services, its agents, and subsidiaries will entitle you only to a like amount of film and processing, or if originally made at our lab, a replacement print. Except for such replacement, the acceptance of Color Services, its agents, and its subsidiaries of any film, print, slide, negative, transparency, digital file, or artwork is without warranty or liability. Recovery of any incidental or consequential damages is excluded.

Color Services does not warranty the consequences of unforeseen or unpredictable defects in the materials used singly or in combination in the course of producing finished work.

If any original of high or excessive value is submitted for work, it is the client’s sole responsibility to insure it to their satisfaction while it is under Color Services’ possession.

Any originals (including digital files) archived or left on file on our premises by agreement for subsequent and ongoing use in the course of filling future orders is done so at the client’s sole risk. Any fee associated with such storage reflects administrative and organizational costs and does not construe or imply any type or degree of insurance.